President Message

Pt. Shankarprasad Agnihotri
(Pt. Shankarprasad Agnihotri)
I proudly welcome you all to a new arena of technology to explore the world. The Agnihotri College of Engineering. Our world is magical. Science has contributed phenomenal progress to our civilization. Our explorations of the secrets of this world through the five basic senses we possess, have improved our lives, to a lofty platform. Yet, we are now inclined more on satisfying these five senses. My appeal to you ladies and gentlemen, as the aspiring technocrats, goes beyond these five senses and listen to the voice within you.

I am sure you will find a larger purpose for learning engineering. I personally believe, each decision to study engineering should deliver a positive outcome to mankind. There is still a lot for you to discover, invent and reveal.  Man is always intrigued by curiosity. The urge to know is always there. The thirst for knowledge has re-defined the purpose of our lives. Our purpose here is to cultivate communities, associations and relationships that make mankind flourishing. Because education gets better through experience.