Conduction Of Regular & Backlog Examination Summer 2020(from 15th sep to 25th sep) For any queries contact respective department HOD.

Teaching Staff

Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No. Department Email ID Image
1 Prof.Nutan M.Dhande HOD M.TEch.(Computer Science and Engineering) 8888870544 B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) nutandhande@gmail.com
2 Prof Rahul W. Dhanre HOD M-Tech 9970787277 B.E. (Civil Engineering) rahul.dhanre77@gmail.com
3 Prof. Vijay R. Wadhankar HOD M.TEch. 9372910770 B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) vijayhinganchetan2006@rediffmail.com
4 Prof. Sunil Shankar Girde HOD M.Tech. 9730250291 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) sunilgirde@yahoo.co.in
5 Prof. Shailesh Kamlakar Watekar HOD M.Tech. 9975637135 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) watekar.shailesh@gmail.com
6 Prof. Vaishali M. Kedar HOD M.Sc(Math) 8624045513 Science and Humanities Department kedarvaishali16@gmail.com
7 Prof. Abhishek Kumar Assitant Professor M-Tech 9372424163 B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) abhi111333@gmail.com
8 Prof.Dhananjay Mahadeorao Sable Asst. Prof. CSE Dept. M.TEch.(Computer Science and Engineering) 9422903279 B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) dhananjay.sable165@gmail.com
9 Prof. Mohan R. Wake Assistant Professor M-Tech 9921561590 B.E. (Civil Engineering) mohanwakecivil@gmail.com
10 Prof. Dhananjay S. Dabhade Asst. Professor M.Tech. 9766893677 B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) dabhaded29@yahoo.com
11 Prof. Nadim E. Ansari Asst. Professor M.Tech. 8888112565 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) nadim.ace10@gmail.com
12 Prof. Anand K.Singh Asst. Professor M.Tech. 8857917411 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) mr.a.k.rajpoot1991@gmail.com
13 Prof. Sneha S. Hiwarkar Asst. Professor M.Sc(Chem) 8788549047 Science and Humanities Department snehahiwarkar687@gmail.com
14 Prof.Sneha P.Mete Asst. Prof. CSE Dept. M.TEch.(Computer Science and Engineering) 9834272215 B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) sneha.mete93@gmail.com
15 Prof. Neha K.Sonpitale Asst. Professor B.E,MBA 7773910365 B.E. (Civil Engineering) nehasonpitale70@gmail.com
16 Prof. Chaitali S. Hande Asst. Professor M.TEch.(Appearing) 9766023707 B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) chaitalis.hande@rediffmail.com
17 Prof. Shahid S. Khan Asst. Professor M.Tech. 8983240569 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) shahidkhn896@gmail.com
18 Prof. Harshad M. Mummadwar Asst. Professor M.Tech. 9960056262 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) m.harshad2012@gmail.com
19 Prof. Shubhangi Shambharkar Assistant Professor M-Tech Science and Humanities Department shubhangi.shambharkar@gmail.com
20 Prof.Shahela A.Khan Asst. Prof. CSE Dept. M.TEch.(Computer Science and Engineering) 7028465543 B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) shahelakhan27@gmail.com
21 Prof. Sharukh B. Khan Asst. Professor M.Tech. 9765858507 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) sharukhbkhan@gmail.com
22 Prof. Shilvan Fulkar Assistant Professor B.Sc. B.Ed(English) 8623839333 Science and Humanities Department shilvanfulkar@gmail.com
23 Prof. Sunil M. chandankhede Asst. Professor M.Tech. 9579977767 B.E. (Civil Engineering) schandankhede786@gmail.com
24 Prof. Pallavi D. Tiware Asst. Professor M.Tech. 9822072330 B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) pallavi.tiware@rediffmail.com
25 Prof. Sumit K. Kamble Asst. Professor M.Tech. 8857988179 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Kamble.sumit24@gmail.com
26 Prof. SHUBHAM A. HARANE Asst. Professor M.Tech. 7875387667 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) shubham.harane@rediffmail.com
27 Prof. Resham Wandile Assistant Professor B.E. 9766403472 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) reshamwandile45@gmail.com
28 Prof. Manoj Lade Assistant Professor M-Tech 9850131610 B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) manojlade@gmail.com
29 Prof. Dharamapal Dukare Assistant Professor M.Sc. Science and Humanities Department dharamapaldukare406@gmail.com
30 Prof. Shradha Yengade Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) shradhayengade@gmail.com
31 Prof. Nikhilsingh V. Dhandoriya Asst. Professor B.E 8421432722 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) nvd1994@gmail.com
32 Prof. Aniket Deotale Assistant Professor M-Tech 8275395466 B.E. (Electrical Engineering) aniketdeotale@gmail.com
33 Prof. Shradha Asati Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) shradhaasati12@gmail.com
34 Prof. Mohini Bhagat Assistant Professor M-Tech 8483949456 B.E. (Civil Engineering) mohinibhagat12@gmail.com
35 Prof. Ranjit Kamble Assistant Professor B.Sc. B.Ed(English) Science and Humanities Department ranjit.kamble123@gmail.com
36 Prof. Wasiq Raza Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) razawasiq786@gmail.com
37 Prof. Ankit Vilas Katore Asst. Professor B.E 9561359874 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) katoreankit@gmail.com
38 Prof. Swapnil Mahajan Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) swapnilmahajan123@gmail.com
39 Prof. Amit Kharwade Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Civil Engineering) amitkharwade@yahoo.com
40 Prof. Pramod Walke Assistant Professor M-Tech B.E. (Electronics Communication & Engineering) pramodwalke43@gmail.com
41 Prof. Krushnadhar Divedi Assistant Professor M-Tech 8793790545 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) Krushnadhardivedi@gmail.com
42 Prof. Sandip Sotre Assistant Professor M-Tech 9028604429 B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) sandipsotre12@gmail.com